Quality Inspection powered by AI

ProMetronics is the solution for quality control of the cleanliness status of dental implants produced in your manufactory.

Automated Sample Measurement

Perform clean measurements of specimens from your production with a dedicated table top electron microscope that is pre programmed with validated automation recipes for clean testing.

CleanImplant Certificate

Showcase your quality of implant manufacturing and use the data to apply for the coveted CleanImplant Trusted Quality Seal. This certificate of excellence, awarded by the independent non-profit CleanImplant Foundation, gives proof of medical devices providing exceptional cleanliness.

Full Control on the Data

Keep storage and data management on your local machine, while profiting from a dedicated data management system that provides full overview over your testing history.

Reliable Test Reports

Benchmark your data and profit from the largest reference database on the planet which holds information on 250+ oral implant systems offered worldwide.

Upgrade your data with a report from the medical materials research institute, the official testing laboratory of the CleanImplant Foundation and accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018.

Data driven Quality Inspection

ProMetronics empowers your quality inspection with the automated image analysis that references the world’s most diverse database of contaminants known to exist on dental implants. Unique machine learning algorithms and neural network analysis is used to assess anomalies found on the surfaces of your implants. All findings are analyzed according to the quality standard and guidelines of the Medical Materials Research Institute (MMRI) and stored in indicative reports to the ProMetronics quality documentation system.

Every Day Access to the MMRI’s Clean-Standard

is here.

Since the CleanImplant quality seal has been established in 2018 more and more producers have joined in committing themselves to be inspected by the independent laboratory of the CleanImplant Foundation, the Medical Materials Research Institute – MMRI.

With the ProMetronics Client we now offer the first digital version of the MMRI’s testing protocol that has provided quality proof to so many producers in the past. This automated desktop software is at your command 24/7 and provides access to the highest clean standard of the world on a daily basis.

What the Supporters of the CleanImplant Foundation say about clean testing…

“Dentists have to rely on the word of manufacturers and the FDA or CE marks to feel sure that the implants they are using are being manufactured to a standard one would expect of an implantable dental device. Sadly, this is often not the case.

The CleanImplant Foundation is an objetive, independent non-profit foundation that has been established to fill this void and to help provide both dentist and patient the reassurance they need and must have when using dental implants.”

Dr. Michael R. Norton

BDS, FDS, RDS (Ed), London, UK, President of the Academy of Osseointegration (2017-2018) Specialist in Oral Surgery, Adjunct Clinical Professor, Department of Peridontology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA

“Implant surfaces do influence the biological response, some modifications may strengthen osseointegration others, suchg as unintentional impurities, may contribute to a clinical failure. Control of the implant properties is therefore very important and all clinicians should be able to know what kind of products they purchase.”

Prof. Dr. Ann Wennerberg

DDS, PhD Professor, Odontology Section 2, Institute of Odontology at the Sahlgrenska Academy at University of Gothenburg, Sweden

“…up to now no quality control exists for dental implants once they have the CE or FDA marks. Therefore I support the idea of the ‘CleanImplant Foundation’ as an objective, independent, non-profit organization to establish the first quality seal in implant dentistry. Even if we do not know the clinical implications yet, our patients deserve the best quality that is available.”

Univ. Prof. Dr. Florian Beuer

DDS, PhD, MME, Professor, Head of Prosthodontics, Charité, University Medicine, Berlin, Germany

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