Groundtruth established!

A joint development Project of ProMetronics & Medical Materials Research Institute (MMRI), powered by ZDMP.


This is step 3 in our startup journey… the ground truth is established!The ground truth – that is the unique data catalogue of the MMRI – is now established as information source for automatic recognition of hazardous contaminants on dental implants:¬†



****In anonymous market screenings Medical Materials Research Institute (MMRI) has accumulated a vast data catalogue, comprising samples of the 100 industrial producers of medical materials. Together these companies supply the whole world with dental implants. The MMRI has performed product probing and analysis through the last 5 years and found 30% of all models on the market to be contaminated with hazardous particles.



****Now this data catalogue has been re-evaluated in cooperation with ProMetronics UG, Berlin and translated into mathematical descriptors. This means: The catalogue of images of all relevant contaminations world wide has been screened and made readable for ai-algorithms. The data has thus been adapted to be used in the new ai analysis system that is being built by ProMetronics UG, Berlin. It may support implant producers to find contaminations on their products, and even avoid such contaminations if the analysis is made a part of the production line.



****Half the budget from innovation funding has now been used up, to get this far. The money comes from the Sponsorship of EU, that we have won to create our solution: ZDMP is short for: ZeroDefectsManufacturingPlatform. We thank the supporters of the EU and the consortium for their generous support. The following months until August 15th are now used to build up a first software application. The solution will be simple, but can already be used in industrial environments.