Recognition of Contamination on Implants by artificial intelligence

W3 fair convention, Wetzlar 2022 (Buderus Arena):


Identifying hazardous contaminations on medical implants

We show the first results from our solution, which is powered by the ZDMP framework – the Zero Defects Manufacturing Platform.

We were able to clearly identify 6 chemical groups of hazardous contamination particles, that were found on 300 specimens of medical implants, picked from the open market.
The analysis is conducted with our dedicated ai, that works on simple grey scale images, taken by electron microscopy.

In the talk Dr. André Kempe is presenting ProMetronics’ and MMRI’s results in the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme grant No 825631.

Please note, that in the talk also other results are presented in order to depict the wider range of possibilities of our ai-analysis platform. The ZDMP-part starts at minute 20:30
Zero Contamination on Medical Materials