The Software Solution that detects Contamination on Dental Implants

IDS business fair for dental technology, Cologne 2023:

The ProMetronics Software, now released in its first version can map the cleanliness benchmark of the Medical Materials Research Institute, Berlin (MMRI).

We have presented the first release of the ProMetronics Solution for Contamination detection and quality assurance. The software is used to identify contamination on dental implants. The analysis is based on the cleanliness benchmark of the Medical Materials Research Institute Berlin (MMRI). All types of contamination particles that have been identified in regular studies on over 250 implant products are catalogued there. ProMetronics contains this data catalogue and compares the surface of test implants using a specially trained AI.


In this way, the 32 most common types of implant-pollution that occur on the world market can be identified. Other deviations, such as scratches, are also located and counted. Particle analysis in this first version is offered for pure titanium surfaces. The software finds around 80% of all existing particles and categorizes them into the most important contamination groups. With sufficient cleanliness, a product qualifies for the receipt of the quality seal of the CleanImplant Foundation, Berlin.