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The ProMetronics Solution for Zero Contamination on medical implants is powered by cutting edge platform technology of the ZeroDefectsManufacturingPlatform ZDMP. Read some news about the background and progress of our development project.

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Presenting ProMetronics at IDS 2023 in Cologne

The Software Solution that detects Contamination on Dental Implants

IDS business fair for dental technology, Cologne 2023:

The ProMetronics Software, now released in its first version can map the cleanliness benchmark of the Medical Materials Research Institute, Berlin (MMRI).

We have presented the first release of the ProMetronics Solution for Contamination detection and quality assurance. The software is used to identify contamination on dental implants. The analysis is based on the cleanliness benchmark of the Medical Materials Research Institute Berlin (MMRI). All types of contamination particles that have been identified in regular studies on over 250 implant products are catalogued there. ProMetronics contains this data catalogue and compares the surface of test implants using a specially trained AI.


In this way, the 32 most common types of implant-pollution that occur on the world market can be identified. Other deviations, such as scratches, are also located and counted. Particle analysis in this first version is offered for pure titanium surfaces. The software finds around 80% of all existing particles and categorizes them into the most important contamination groups. With sufficient cleanliness, a product qualifies for the receipt of the quality seal of the CleanImplant Foundation, Berlin.


Qualitäts-Messungen mit digitaler Engine und KI

Recognition of Contamination on Implants by artificial intelligence

W3 fair convention, Wetzlar 2022 (Buderus Arena):


Identifying hazardous contaminations on medical implants

We show the first results from our solution, which is powered by the ZDMP framework – the Zero Defects Manufacturing Platform.

We were able to clearly identify 6 chemical groups of hazardous contamination particles, that were found on 300 specimens of medical implants, picked from the open market.
The analysis is conducted with our dedicated ai, that works on simple grey scale images, taken by electron microscopy.

In the talk Dr. André Kempe is presenting ProMetronics’ and MMRI’s results in the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme grant No 825631.

Please note, that in the talk also other results are presented in order to depict the wider range of possibilities of our ai-analysis platform. The ZDMP-part starts at minute 20:30
Zero Contamination on Medical Materials


The ground truth has been wrapped in numbers

Groundtruth established!

A joint development Project of ProMetronics & Medical Materials Research Institute (MMRI), powered by ZDMP.


This is step 3 in our startup journey… the ground truth is established!The ground truth – that is the unique data catalogue of the MMRI – is now established as information source for automatic recognition of hazardous contaminants on dental implants: 



****In anonymous market screenings Medical Materials Research Institute (MMRI) has accumulated a vast data catalogue, comprising samples of the 100 industrial producers of medical materials. Together these companies supply the whole world with dental implants. The MMRI has performed product probing and analysis through the last 5 years and found 30% of all models on the market to be contaminated with hazardous particles.



****Now this data catalogue has been re-evaluated in cooperation with ProMetronics UG, Berlin and translated into mathematical descriptors. This means: The catalogue of images of all relevant contaminations world wide has been screened and made readable for ai-algorithms. The data has thus been adapted to be used in the new ai analysis system that is being built by ProMetronics UG, Berlin. It may support implant producers to find contaminations on their products, and even avoid such contaminations if the analysis is made a part of the production line.



****Half the budget from innovation funding has now been used up, to get this far. The money comes from the Sponsorship of EU, that we have won to create our solution: ZDMP is short for: ZeroDefectsManufacturingPlatform. We thank the supporters of the EU and the consortium for their generous support. The following months until August 15th are now used to build up a first software application. The solution will be simple, but can already be used in industrial environments.

Software development started

Software development started

Powered by platform technology of the Zero Defects Manufacturing Platform Project (ZDMP)



ProMetronics UG Berlin in cooperation with the Medical Materials Research Institute has started developing a new software solution for secure clean testing and quality control for the manufacturers of dental implants. Facilitated through the funding of ZDMP, development follows a timeline designed to result in a first beta version by 15.6.2022.


After successful validation and testing, ProMetronics plans to publish first results and to showcase the utilization of its new tool for quality departments and laboratories. As a possible outlook into the future, the method can also be translated to other medical implants made of metallic or ceramic materials.


technology funding

Awarded by the European Union

The ProMetronics Solution in conjunction with the Medical Materials Research Institute have been awarded with a grant of 138.000 Euro from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 825631.

The grant was gratefully received via subcall of the european Zero Defects Manufacturing Platform (ZDMP) project in september 15th, 2021. We thank the Commission and the great team of the ZDMP for their support.

market screening

Reporting 30% of implants contaminated

The CleanImplant Foundation reports about various studies (2018-2020), where the Medical Materials Research Institute (MMRI) in Berlin has found 30% of more than 300 dental implants (about 80 producers) contaminated with particles, hazardous to human health and not compliant to requirements in clean production. The analysis is performed with an electron microscope and requires the life long expertise both in data interpretation and understanding the medical implications to the human body of a specialist like Dr. Dirk Duddeck (MMRI).

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software features announced

Software features announced

ProMetronics UG announces a first sketch for the features of the new quality solution


Operating Logic

The Software package built by ProMetronics supports a standardised examination method based on electron microscopy. Companies may already use such electron microscopy in their quality control process – or might also choose to acquire new instruments.

The software solution will enable quality departments to interpret the data generated by their own instruments: Data storage and analysis are performed in house, safely operating on the local machine of the customer.

The analysis procedure is facilitated through a subscription to machine learning methods validated and released every year by the independent Medical Materials Research Institute (MMRI). 


Software architecture

The software package has an architecture based on the ZDMP backend infrastructure. The user interface is realised in a Client-Module that is operating on top of that backend and utilising the  components developed and provided by the makers of ZDMP. The whole package is installed on the local machine of the user.


ProMetronics is now developing the backend, which will cover all functions necessary to create unambiguous surface analysis of implants. Features start from automated data importing via the instrument manager which will automatically recognise which electron microscope is operating. Users have to authenticate in a double opt in process, so that all data imported to the system have granted ownership and rights. All data are organised in a file management system that will provide clear overview and archiving of daily quality tests.


Quality analysis is achieved by using dedicated machine learning models that are being trained by the data scientists of ProMetronics with the support of the ai analytics designer component that is part of the ZDMP technology. The training and verification of these models is planned to be performed every year anew, when the MMRI creates new market screenings and finds new types of contaminants on all the implants out there in the market. By constantly keeping up the work on the data science process, the analysis models will be kept up to date for unambiguous data interpretation. License owners don’t need to deal with algorithms or any other data science issue – they just download the latest models via subscription and click the analysis button to get a qualified report.